Orthonyxia is a field which deals with the straightening of the nail by using nail braces (clamps).

Nail braces are an excellent alternative to surgical treatment, they provide rapid pain relief and above all, long-term improvement.

Sulci Protectors are used for straightening, filling and shaping the side edges of the nail. They offer a distinct advantage over packing, especially for ingrown nails. They can be left in place for up to 8 weeks (must be re-fixed after four weeks).

The splints do not just provide a cushion, they also have the effect of maintaining the normal width and shape of the nail at the free edge. Finally, I apply nail repair gel to fix the Sulci in place.


  • warm water soaking, home care
  • tamponade
  • insertion of flexible plastic tubes – Sulci Protector
  • the treatment of the nail with the help of nail braces – orthonyxia